Back to Back - Instant Bonsai - by Dixon and Heath
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Author:  Vance Wood [ Fri Jan 02, 2009 12:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Back to Back - Instant Bonsai - by Dixon and Heath

I think we are probably treading over old ground but it does deserve repeating. Demos can take on two aspects depending on the purpose of the demo. One can be a demo focusing on a special process such as creating jin, shari, or other dead wood elements. In this kind of demo the over-all artistic process is not the focus of the demonstration but the completion of a special process. It is like the difference between a lecture and a concert.

The other is the obvious; the demonstration of the artistic process coming from the mind and vision of an individual who is known to posses such ability. This is of course the reason an interested individual will fork over the cash to participate. I agree that an instant bonsai is not the probable outcome but something that is identifiable as a bonsai, in need only of time and refinement to complete, should be.

Any one paying to go to a concert is rightfully dissapointed if all he hears is the musician tuning his instrument.

Author:  Vance Wood [ Thu Sep 01, 2011 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Back to Back - Instant Bonsai - by Dixon and Heath

Yingchun wrote:
I don't think that is going to change, mostly because it would require the same person to come back for a follow up in a year or two and that is not likely to happen due to cost. But here again the fault lies with the club or organization in not selecting the kind of material that can be more or less completed in a day or weekend. Coach Purses

You are right, this probably will not change due to the fact that the majority of clubs and participants are not at what one could call world class levels. Because of this most of the material selected is not top quality due to price or the lack of a mature vision from those who select such material for above mentioned purposes. Many in club situations are called upon to obtain material for a so called visiting artist when they themselves don't as yet know enough to tell the difference between a ham sandwich or a bowel of soup.

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