Crespi Bonsai Cup , Italy Results
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Author:  Daan Giphart [ Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Crespi Bonsai Cup , Italy Results



The 8th Edition of the International Bonsai and Suiseki Meeting, the most important event in the European bonsai world, took place this year from 12th to 21st September, in the enchanting Crespi Bonsai’s place.
In addition to the usual exhibitions, demonstrations, lectures and spectacles dedicated to bonsai, suiseki and the Eastern culture have been planned for the visitors’ enjoyment.
Conceived in the 1995 to spread the bonsai and suiseki culture all over Europe, the International Meeting hit the target again this year with thousand of visitors and exhibitors from Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, United States, as even Italy of course.
At the Crespi Cup met amateurs and professionals of bonsai and suiseki, but also enthusiasts of the Eastern arts and culture, thanks to the rich programme of demonstrations, lectures and workshops.
The true protagonists, however, were the wonderful bonsai trees, suiseki and pots showed in the various exhibition-competitions: the Crespi Bonsai Cup, the Crespi Shohin Cup, the Enthusiasts’ Exhibition, the Crespi Suiseki Cup and the Crespi Pot Cup.

In this occasion the Crespi Bonsai Cup hosted many exhibitors with a wide variety of highly refined plants, either indigenous or from the Far East, which were evidence of the increasing quality of the European bonsai. Among the most interesting plants the jury, composed by Luigi Crespi, Nobuyuki Kajiwara and Tsau Shing Wong, selected the Rhododendron indicum Kinsai by Fabio Mantovani (Italy) with 86 points, that received the prize of 5.000,00 € and the Crespi Bonsai Cup. The Kaneko Memory prize was assigned to the Cupressus sempervirens by Lorenzo Agnoletti, and Merit Mentions were assigned to the Juniperus chinensis Itoi-gawa by Enrico Savini, to the Pinus mugo Uncinata by Sandro Segneri, to the Juniperus rigida by Matteo Caldiero and to the Vitis vinifera by Claudio Cermelli.

The competition Crespi Shohin Cup amazed the visitors with the exhibited trees of very small dimensions, trees that thanks to the man’s work can express the strength and the beauty of old and majestic trees in few centimetres. The technical jury assigned the first prize (the Shohin Cup and 1.300,00 €) to the Juniperus chinensis by Nicola Crivelli (Switzerland) with 84 points. The Pinus parviflora by Bruno Beltrame, the Juniperus chinensis by Aurelio De Capitani and the Pinus pentaphylla by Fabio Mazzeo received Merit Mentions.

The technical jury of the Enthusiasts’ Exhibition, composed by Luigi Crespi and Shigeo Ebihara, selected the Quercus suber by Angelo Fontana (Italy) as first classified, for its majestic beauty. For the winner a bonsai tree from the Miura’s garden.
Second place to Alberto Vigoni (Italy) with his Pinus thunbergii, who received a Tokoname pot, and third place to Massimo Verri (Italy) with his Pinus parviflora Zuisho, who received a Masakuni tool.

Among the trees presented in this competition the jury assigned two more cups: the Yokohama Cup for the Chamaecyparis obtusa by Paolo Morbiato and the Masakuni Cup for the Rosmarinus officinalis by Andrea Albergo. The bonsai most voted by the visitors was the group of Olea europaea by Giuseppe Trudi.

In the exhibition-competition dedicated to suiseki there were 38 stones by suiseki enthusiasts from Italy and Switzerland. The first prize, the Crespi Suiseki Cup and 1.000,00 €, was assigned to Carlo Gori (Italy), with a Kinzan-seki, that received 94 points from Mr. Martin Pauli, well renown expert in suiseki. Merit Mentions were given to Ezio Piovanelli (Italy) with a Yadori-stone and to Andrea Schenone (Italy) with a Taki-ishi.

Fine creativity at the Crespi Pot Cup, with either ancient or actual pots in exhibition. The technical jury, composed by Luigi Crespi and Shigeo Ebihara, selected the masterwork by Renè Lecocq (Belgium) with 76 points for the first prize (the prestigious Crespi Pot Cup). A Merit Mention was assigned to Gianpaolo Scoglio (Italy).

During the prize-awarding ceremony for the Bonsai-Shohin-Suiseki and Pot Exhibitions Luigi Crespi received by Mrs. Solita, president of the World Bonsai Friendship Federation, and Mr. Daizo Iwasaki, vice-president, a plate and a testimonial in recognition of his huge work to spread the bonsai culture during 30 years of activity in the bonsai world. For the same merit the European Bonsai Association, in person of Mrs. Frieda Joris (EBA-P.R.), offered Mr. Luigi Crespi a recognition certificate in the same occasion.

Over the very interesting exhibition-competitions, the Italian and foreign enthusiasts who visited this 2008 event were very impressed by the technical demonstrations and workshops, held by the special guests of this occasion: the Japanese bonsai master Shigeo Ebihara and the Chinese Lingnan penjing master Tsau Shing Wong. Ebihara’s demonstrations, supported by detailed photographs and sketches, were very specific and didactic; starting from the elements that makes a true bonsai Ebihara explained how the techniques can help the author to realize his image of an old and majestic tree in nature through the bonsai. Tsau Shing Wong introduced the Lingnan penjing and gave demonstration on how to create a landscape in a pot.
Martin Pauli prepared for the Crespi Cup visitors a fascinating lecture supported by slides with Japanese natural landscapes, to understand the meaning of suiseki appreciation.
But people found also full enjoyment in other lectures and workshops, as the Japanese cooking and tea ceremony, the Chinese calligraphy, the Japanese yuzen (kimono painting art), an introduction and tasting of Japanese sake, how to use the washi-paper, the origami realization, and again the martial art of Tai-chi-ch’uan and the Chinese tuina.
Furthermore Alberto Lavazza and Adriano Nalon, Crespi Bonsai staff’s members, held free workshops to give suggestions on bonsai creation and maintenance and a simple course for children.

Most appreciated by the visitors was the special Oriental atmosphere, surrounding the exhibition-competitions. The Crespi Bonsai place, with the Crespi Bonsai Museum and the Japanese zen, chitai and roji gardens, represented a charming location not only for the exhibited trees, but also for the interesting programme of lectures and demonstrations.

Photos’ caption:

(1) View of the Crespi Cup Exhibition.
(2) View of the Crespi Cup Exhibition.
(3) Many visitors appreciate the refined trees in exhibition.
(4) The first classified tree at the Crespi Bonsai Cup 2008: Rhododendron indicum Kinsai.
(5) Fabio Mantovani receives the first prize: the Crespi Bonsai Cup and the voucher.
(6) The Kaneko Memory Cup winner: Cupressus sempervirens by Lorenzo Agnoletti.
(7) Crespi Bonsai Cup - Merit Mention: Juniperus chinensis Itoi-gawa by Enrico Savini.
(8) Crespi Bonsai Cup - Merit Mention: Pinus mugo Uncinata by Sandro Segneri.
(9) Crespi Bonsai Cup - Merit Mention: Juniperus rigida by Matteo Caldiero.
(10) Crespi Bonsai Cup - Merit Mention: Vitis vinifera by Claudio Cermelli.
(11) Juniperus chinensis by Nicola Crivelli, first classified at the Crespi Shohin Cup.
(12) Nicola Crivelli with his Juniperus chinensis.
(13) Crespi Shohin Cup - Merit Mention: Pinus parviflora by Bruno Beltrame.
(14) Crespi Shohin Cup - Merit Mention: Pinus pentaphylla by Fabio Mazzeo.
(15) Quercus suber by Angelo Fontana: first classified at the Enthusiasts’ Exhibition.
(16) Pinus thunbergii by Alberto Vigoni: second classified at the Enthusiasts’ Exhibition.
(17) Pinus parviflora Zuisho by Massimo Verri: third classified at the Enthusiasts’ Exhibition.
(18) Rosmarinus officinalis by Andrea Albergo, who received the Masakuni Cup - Enthusiasts’ Exhibition.
(19) Chamaecyparis obtusa by Paolo Morbiato, who received the Yokohama Cup - Enthusiasts’ Exhibition.
(20) Kinzan-seki by Carlo Gori, first classified at the Crespi Suiseki Cup.
(21) Carlo Gori at the event.
(22) Crespi Suiseki Cup - Merit Mention: Yadori-stone by Ezio Piovanelli.
(23) Crespi Suiseki Cup - Merit Mention: Taki-ishi by Andrea Schenone.
(24) The fine pot by Renè Lecocq, winner of the Crespi Pot Cup.
(25) Mr. Iwasaki offers Mr. Luigi Crespi a recognition plate by the World Bonsai Friendship Federation.
(26) Mr. Iwasaki and his wife with Mr. Luigi Crespi.
(27) Shigeo Ebihara during his demonstration.
(28) Mr. Wong’s workshop.
(29) Paul Martin during his lecture.
(30) Adriano Nalon and the children during the course.
(31) The Japanese tea ceremony by Makiko Wakita.
(32) The Chinese calligraphy by Mao Wen.
(33) The instructors of the Fong Ttai European Kung-fu Federation during the demonstration of Tai-chi Ch’uan.

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Author:  simon lewis [ Sat Nov 01, 2008 5:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Crespi Bonsai Cup , Italy Results

Daan, Where are the photos located that go with the captions?

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