6th Ginkgo Bonsai Award 2007 - Official Press Release
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Author:  Dorothy Schmitz [ Tue Sep 25, 2007 10:42 pm ]
Post subject:  6th Ginkgo Bonsai Award 2007 - Official Press Release

6th Ginkgo Bonsai Award 2007
Official Press Release
Photograph by Dorothy Schmitz

The 6th Ginkgo Award 2007 marks a historical moment in bonsai, a moment in which we can reflect on the past shows while complimenting the future of the show. Danny Use has made it known that this will be the last Ginkgo he will host, certainly a loss the bonsai community will feel world-wide.
Rumours have circulated that Danny will pick back up the show in five years or that Salvatore Liporace will take the reins and lead the show forward. Regardless of if the show continues or not, we all owe Danny a lot, he has helped to raise the level of bonsai for everyone and it was his hard work and dedication that made the show one of the very best events that drew the biggest names in bonsai and inspired us all. The art would not be what it is today without the many years of his work that went into the six Ginkgo shows.
This year we had editors from AoB and KoB attending the Ginkgo show and were fortunate enough to acquire not only dozens of photographs that we will be sharing both here at AoB and at KoB, but also our very own editor and representative, Dorothy Schmitz, acquired the rights to this official press release.
The editorial staff here at AoB and at KoB wish to thank Danny Use for all he has done for the art and to express our sincerest appreciation for allowing us to publish the following results..

And now, the official press release:

1.Angel Mota (ES) - Olea europea collection (271)
2.Mario Komsta (PL) - Shohin composition (242)
3.Salvatore Liporace (IT) - Quercus suber (310)
Jos? Manuel Front?n (ES) - Pinus sylvestris (207)
David Benavente (ES) - Pinus sylvestris (195)
David Barlow (UK) - Fagus crenata (1)
Xavier Masanet (ES) - Juniperus sabina (205)
Mario Pedrazzetti (CH) - Pseudocydonia sinensis (176)
Serge Clemence (CH) ? Juniperus communis (139)
Mauro Stemberger (IT) ? Quercus suber (302)
Jos? Manuel Front?n (ES) ? Quercus suber (302)
Xavier Massanet (ES) ? Myrtus communis (204)
Ian Stewardson (UK) ? Pinus sylvestris (20)
Enrico Savini (IT) ? Acer buergerianum (286)
Steve Tolley (UK) ? Juniperus chinensis (27)
Carlos Huerta (ES) ? Olea europea (182)

Certificate of Merit:
Jaume Canals (ES) ? Ulmus minor (181)

Certre Award:
Matteo Caldiero (IT) ? Juniperus rigida (299))

Author:  Will Heath [ Sat Nov 10, 2007 10:47 pm ]
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Excellent job obtaining this press release Dorothy!


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